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Metal rolling services for all sizes - Sheet Metal Services

In metalworking, precision is key and it is vital that the metal is of a uniform thickness, and this is where Sheet Metal Services’ metal rolling services come in.

To the uninitiated, sheet metal rolling services are a process whereby metal is passed through one or more pairs of rollers to reduce the thickness of the metal and make the thickness consistent. The principal is similar to the rolling of dough.

There are generally two types of sheet metal rolling services: hot and cold.

Hot metal rolling involves heating the metal and then being worked on. It is usually used to produce sheet metal or cross sections, such as rail tracks, but there are a multitude of uses for hot rolled metals. For example, it is often used in the automotive sector, for truck frames, wheel rims and clutch plates. It is also used in such things as water heaters, agricultural equipment, railcar components, metal buildings, doors, shelves and rail guards.

Meanwhile, cold rolling usually takes place with the metal at room temperature and the process increases the strength of the product as well as improving the surface finish. Typical cold-rolled products include sheets, strips, rods and bars.

Cold rolled metal is used in a wide range of products, from office furniture such as filing cabinets, desks, chairs and shelves, to computer cabinets and hardware. It is also used in home appliances, lawn movers, water heaters, metal containers, lighting fixtures and much more.  

At our Kidderminster base, our on-site rolling facility can handle sheets up to 5mm in thickness, in varying sheet sizes. We at Sheet Metal Services can cater for jobs be they large or small, regular work or one-off jobs.

We have a wealth of experience in metal rolling, being a long-established company in the region, with a hard fought-for reputation for quality and reliability in all our services. We invest in the latest technology, as well as in the ongoing development of our team to stay at the forefront of thinking in the sector.

To find out more about Sheet Metal Services Midlands, and the metal rolling services we provide, or for more information on the other range of products and services we offer visit our website or call us on 01562 824995. To find out about metal cutting services click here.