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Metal folding services - Sheet Metal Services

The amount of different projects, jobs and designs which use and benefit from metal folding services is staggering. All over the world, companies are using expert metal folding services and dedicated teams of experienced metal folders to construct almost all we see around us, as well as using metal folding to realise visions which will shape the world of tomorrow. Metal folding is a well established industry, involving a range of different skills and techniques which require years to master, but which is constantly evolving and changing to keep up with the new designs which are affecting all of our lives now, and will do for generations to come.

What is metal folding?

At its heart, metal folding services are those which involve the shaping and forming of metals to suit various functions and fit into all manner of machines and structures as key components. These range from the domestic products you might find in your own kitchen.  Take a look at your oven or fridge, for example, and you’ll see how metal folding has been implemented to shape them in order for them to be constructed as standard  –  right through to highly complex, specialised and custom made machinery used in an astonishing array of ways. Sheet and plate metals are folded with many different techniques.  It uses lots of highly specialised equipment, and part of the skill of the metal folder is understanding implicitly what techniques or materials would be most appropriate to allow the client to realise their vision. Thankfully, nowadays, most metal folding services will be fully equipped with state of the art machinery to achieve higher levels of accuracy and perfection than were ever available in the past.  This allows clients to rest safely in the knowledge that their designs will be realised as they envisioned.

Metal folding services expertise every step of the way

Metal folding services involve many different steps, and expert metal folders should be happy to assist their clients on every step of the journey from design to realisation. Either by working from plans and drawings prepared off site by the client, or by assisting the client in coming up with a design which will provide the solution to their problem, metal folding services should be bespoke and flexible. From enormous industrial projects to specific and singular design specifications, metal folders will implement their precise and often time consuming techniques such as metal rolling in order to achieve perfection and customer satisfaction, time and time again. Get in touch today on 01562 824995 to see how you too could benefit from expert metal folding services. You can also take a look at our previous blog update on Welding and Fabrication Experts to find out more information.