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Metal Rolling

When it comes to metal rolling, our clients and customers expect and demand a high degree of precision and excellence, flexibility and expertise. Here at Severn Ventilation, we have over four decades of experience under our belts, and during this time, we’ve provided professional metal rolling services for hundreds of satisfied individuals and companies, and have undertaken a wide and challenging range of tasks. By combining the skills of our in house team of sheet metal fabrication experts and engineers, we have become a competitively priced and highly effective business which can provide solutions to all your metal rolling needs.

In 2007, Sheet Metal Services was taken over by Severn Ventilation, and since then our combined skills have taken us from strength to strength. We strongly believe our rapid workforce is now fully capable of serving everything from multi-national industrial businesses to small companies based here in Worcester or elsewhere to the same degree of excellence, and with the same degree of pride.

We started our journey as ductwork specialists, and used the key skills involved in this type of work to gradually expand our repertoire and capabilities. The world of metalwork is rapidly changing, and an evolving market has led to us developing further skills to meet the needs of an ever more discerning and selective client base. Our work now is wide ranging, and the nature of the work has become more bespoke and individualised, focusing ever further on the specific needs and requirements of the customer and the task at hand. As such, we are confident that we can take on a wider variety of projects than ever before.

While the types of metal rolling and sheet metal work we complete covers a broad set of variations, over time, it was the rolling of metal guards which became a strong mainstay and specialism of the business, due to an increase in the demand of this type of metal rolling. Thanks to the latest technologies combined with the dedication and skill of our workers, we are now able to undertake even the most intricate of metal rolling tasks, including the application of sophisticated rolled metal skins, and the formation of complete circular designs. Our up to date and state of the art machinery is allowing us to be ever more ambitious, while staying true to the fundamental skills and hands-on craftsmanship that our clients expect, and we endeavour to provide with each and every undertaking, no matter how big or small.