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Ductwork - Design, manufacture and installation | Worcestershire


  • Circular or rectangular sections
  • Wide variety of Materials
  • Slip jointed or flanged
  • Bespoke design available

Our journey began in Worcestershire some 30 years ago as ductwork specialists.  Since then our expanding team of sheet metal experts and steel fabrication engineers have advised, project-managed and completed a multitude of installations for small businesses and multi-nationals.  Utilising the most up to date, industry based, technologies we are able to provide precision engineered, high quality products.

We have the facilities to undertake the manufacture of both circular and rectangular ductwork sections.  We can create fully dimensional drawings, or work with your existing drawings to create bespoke jointing; there are two common types of jointing for rectangular ductwork, namely, slip jointing and frames which are used to create flanges.  In the early days we used frames manufactured from rolled steel, however, whilst this method is sometimes still used, it can be time consuming; so today our frames are assembled from sheet steel profiles in various widths.  Sections can be easily assembled on site; gasket materials are applied between the flanges to join the sections, such as neoprene gasket in the form of self-adhesive tape, helping to prevent leakage.  Slip joints are a fast an efficient way to join sections using male and female connectors, or simply, slipping each section into the next and securing with screws or rivets; this is often a preferable method for smaller ducts used in tight spaces.

Sometimes it is necessary to swage, spot or fully weld the materials which will depend upon the function of the ductwork and the materials used.  Swaging has advantages in that it helps to add strength to a section of ductwork and can also act as a stop when one pipe is slipped into another.

We fabricate our ductwork from a variety of materials and in varying gauges, dependent upon the application or process.  Aluminium provides a lightweight and easy to install product, which can be easily fabricated in house or on site to produce customised shapes.  Galvanised and stainless steels are often used given their zinc coating, which prevents rusting and the need to paint.

We also offer a bespoke design service, should you require us to design, manufacture and install any form of ductwork system.  Our experienced team can carry out an initial site survey and provide you with a quotation and schematic drawing outlining our proposals; following approval, our team will take care of the manufacture and installation process, ensuring that you receive a quality service and quality products that will exceed your expectations.