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Metal Cutting Services | Sheet Metal Services Worcestershire
metal cutting

Metal Cutting

  • Section and plate materials
  • Plasma metal cutting available
  • Thicker materials handled off site

We offer burr free precision metal cutting services both on and off site.  Our highly skilled engineers have perfected metal cutting methods utilising techniques acquired over many years of experience.  Together with high quality tools, equipment and a constant desire to acquire new skills as systems, technologies and practices develop and improve, our team of engineers are able to provide you with the most up to date advice and service for your specific project.  Whether you are a small company or a multi-national, our expert team will provide you with a professional service, excelling at every level.  Our clients return to us, safe in the knowledge that they can expect high quality products within a fast turnaround time, with no compromise on standards.

Our plasma metal cutting systems are high current density, designed to produce the highest quality, sharpest cuts.  Plasma systems produce optimum results using a precision plasma arc, comprising multiple gases which are capable of cutting a multitude of conductive materials.  We are able to plasma cut sheet materials up to a maximum thickness of 10mm on site, with those over 10mm handled in-house.

Steel fabricators have a wide range of section shapes and sizes readily available, however some designs require bespoke shapes or a specific size.  We are able to provide bespoke sections and plate, using our computer numerically controlled (CNC) software.  For 30 years we have been investing in technology and new methods; we are a forward thinking and innovative company who constantly strive to produce precision cut materials each and every time; exceeding customer expectations at every level.  With CNC, we can translate customer drawings and develop complex sections into working patterns, from which fabrication can be undertaken. The CNC is directly connected to the computer aided manufacturing machinery (CAM) on the factory floor; this innovative technology produces high quality, precision cutting.  Given the accuracy in measurement, time on site is dramatically reduced as a result of steel erection efficiencies that this method affords.

Steel plates are available in varying sizes and grades and are used in a variety of industries including construction, ship building, earthmoving equipment, engineering and machinery and so on.  Our steel plate metal cutting experience has been forged over 30 years, and we pride ourselves in our attention to detail when applying our knowledge and expertise.

metal cutting