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Metal cutting services – a vital part of the project

Metal cutting services are vital for many manufacturing companies, and there are a variety of ways it can be done to get the right result.

For many manufacturing projects, cutting metal into the required parts is one of the earliest and most fundamental jobs. But it is a job that requires precise metal cutting services: if the parts cut are even just a fraction out, it can compromise the whole project.

This is why plasma cutting has become so popular in the industry. The process, which basically involves creating an electrical channel of ionized gas – plasma from the plasma cutter itself – through the work piece to be cut, thus forming a completed electric circuit back to the plasma cutter via a grounding clamp, means that metal can be cut to a high precision.

At our base in Kidderminster, Sheet Metal Services offers metal cutting services to cut a wide variety of section and plate materials. For instance, sheet materials such as steel, aluminium, brass and copper can be plasma cut up to a maximum thickness of 10mm.

In addition, our CNC software enables us to translate customer drawings and develop complex sections into working patterns, from which fabrication can then be undertaken. We work with our customers to ensure that the end product exactly meets their requirements.

For materials over 10mm in thickness, we can handle these off site.

At Sheet Metal Services, we invest in the latest technology to offer our customers a first-class metal cutting service, whether it is for a one-off or production jobs of any size. We also invest in our people, to ensure their skills are as up-to-date as possible.

Sheet Metal Services has a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability, with quality systems that are constantly reviewed to ensure that our high standards are maintained. We always look to exceed our customer’s expectations and deliver jobs on or before deadline.

For more information on Sheet Metal Services’ metal cutting services or on the range of other products and services our company provides including welding fabrication, metal folding and ductwork visit our website or give us a call on 01562 824995.