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Metal Folding

We have a variety of press tooling, which enables us to undertake folding process on a variety of materials up to around 6mm in thickness and around 2,500mm in length.

For four decades here in Kidderminster, Sheet Metal Services have been providing local and international clients with metal rolling and metal folding solutions. Over the years, our team based in the midlands have proven time and time again that they are highly skilled in rolling, folding and forming metals to suit the wide ranging and often complex requirements our customers need, for an enormous variety of purposes. Metal rolling and forming is a constantly changing world, one in which the demands of an increasingly discerning client base are focused on more and more ambitious projects and high expectations. With years of experience, experimentation and skill under our belts, Sheet Metal Services are confident that we have the abilities you need for even the most intricate projects.

Metal folding is a time intensive process, that requires a high degree of precision and experience in order to produce the outstanding results our clients expect. Thanks to our highly dedicated workforce, we are happy to cater for high volume orders as well as smaller batches of metalwork, and can guarantee the level of sophistication and attention to detail we pride ourselves on.

Essentially, metal rolling involves shaping and forming sheets of metal to create a shaped item which can be used for specific purposes – from domestic products to components of machinery that require highly specialised and often intricate design features. By using press brakes and an array of state of the art equipment and machinery, Sheet Metal Services can provide metal rolling and folding with sheet or plate metals, and are happy to take on bespoke metal rolling projects that require extra care and attention to ensure durability and a perfect fit, providing you with the metal components you need. Our services specialise in flexibility in design and creativity, and ensuring that every metal folding, rolling or shaping project is based on the client’s desired outcome. From highly challenging and time consuming processes such as metal rolling, wherein metal rolls are made in several sections and creased in order to form a cone, to the simplest metal shaping project, we aim for perfection and customer satisfaction every time.