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Ductwork suppliers – providing a crucial yet often ignored aspect of buildings - Sheet Metal Services

Ductwork is something that is easy to ignore. For most people it is one of those pieces of engineering that is so commonly seen in buildings, it is taken for granted as it quietly does its job. Yet it is often one of the first things to be considered when a new building is being designed, or when potential buyers are looking to purchase an existing structure. But as ductwork suppliers, this is something we at Sheet Metal Services Midlands know the importance of.

For instance, ductwork is crucial for the overall liveability of a building, given its role in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Attention to HVAC systems and ensuring constant and efficient performance is vital to proper building maintenance. Nobody wants to live or work in a building that is too hot or too cold, for instance. As  ductwork suppliers, we’re very aware of these issues.

Well designed and manufactured ductwork can ensure the smooth running of a HVAC system and that is something we are expert in and passionate about.

At our base in Kidderminster, we are manufacturers and ductwork suppliers for all particular requirements, be it circular or rectangular, for instance. Likewise, we can fabricate ducting from a range of materials, including mild, galvanised or stainless steels of varying gauges or aluminium.

Our expert team at Sheet Metal Services offer a complete service, bespoke to the needs of the customer, where we can design, manufacture and install any type of ductwork system. Or, should the customer want to assemble the ductwork themselves, we can manufacture it in sections, which can be slip jointed or flanged for ease of assembly.

Once the ductwork has been supplied and installed, it can do its job while your employees can get on with their jobs in comfortable conditions.

Find out more about Sheet Metal Services Midlands, one of the region’s leading ductwork suppliers. For information on the range of other products and services we provide including welding fabrication, metal folding and metal rolling, click here.