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Design Service - A complete service that ensures you get the right solution for your dust and fume extraction issues. - Sheet Metal Services

Efficient and cost-effective dust and fume extraction is crucial for the smooth running of many manufacturing or industrial businesses. Using a design service that goes from initial quotation to finished product can ensure you get the right solution for your business.

Every business is unique, and has its own needs and requirements, especially in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. When it comes to dust and fumes extraction, this is especially true and is why using a design service that can take customers from initial scoping to a bespoke finished and installed product can make a tangible difference to a business – in its productivity and profitability.

A system can help to reduce the dust and fumes that can have an impact on employees’ health, and this can also improve employee wellbeing – and therefore increase productivity too. It can also bring cost savings, such as reducing the level of personal protection equipment needed. It can also improve the cleanliness and quality of finished goods.

Of course, there is also the need to comply with the ever-evolving demands of health and safety legislation. Here at Sheet Metal Services Midlands, we offer a complete in-house design service, where experts in each section of the process take control of the design and manufacture of the equipment needed to ensure harmful dust and fumes are effectively dealt with.

We will work with you at every stage to ensure you are happy with what is being designed and produced before it is installed. There is no point in a design service that makes what they think the client wants – it has to be what the client needs. Without that, there is the risk that the dust and fume extraction system is not as cost efficient as it could be – and in these straitened times, that can be crucial.

Sheet Metal’s employees are highly qualified and have vast amounts of experience in designing and producing dust and fume extraction solutions, be it for a small business or large multinationals. The technology and machinery we use to do this are the latest available, and we ensure we keep on top of the latest developments in the sector to make the best products possible.

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